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Think Public Space

Angelique Campens

Welcome to "Think Tank: Experiencing Art in Public Space," a podcast that started from a series of in-situ workshops, taking place in a variety of locations across Belgium. Joined by students, architects, artists, social workers, philosophers and sociologists, these moments reflected on the possible interaction between public spaces and artistic processes. Come along on this journey and discover art and public spaces through dynamic discussions and ambient soundscapes in each unique environment. Concept, realisation and editing: Angelique Campens; Coaching & sound: Raf Enckels (Herculeslab); Soundwork & mixing: Melissa Ryke; Opening and closing theme Glenn Miller "String of pearls"; Visuals: design by Veronika Akopyan and photography by Michiel Devijver; Production: Angelique Campens; Coproduction: Nomadic School of Arts; With the support of: KASK School of Arts, Europe NextGenerationEU, Nomadic School of Arts.